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Simple Skincare, found in nature.
Simple, Honest + Good
Hoarwithy, Herefordshire

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We use the Cold Process Method, a practice that is steeped in the age old tradition of soap making, and unlike commercial soaps, our bars are packed full of their natural glycerine. Where corporate soap companies will extract the glycerine to sell on to cosmetic companies, we prefer to leave it where it belongs. For us, Soap making is about learning from the old sages and herbalists who passed on knowledge of the potency of plants. It’s about getting back to our ancestry, our roots, back into the garden to turn the soil and watch as these wondrous herbs grow. Made in small batches, our soaps are lovingly crafted by hand; no machines, conveyor belts or assembly lines. All of our soaps are expertly designed by Founder Julie, using a specific calculation to ensure that each soap bar is brimming to burst with skin loving plant and nut oils.

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The Founders
After years of making her own skincare, Julie decided to step into the world of soap making. As her cupboards filled to burst with soap, she decided to take her products to the local market, and so Wild Sage + Co was born, always with our ethos that skin care should be simple and derived from nature.
I have been using Wild Sage products for about 5 years. This is the best solid shampoo bar I have found and I love all the soaps and balms. The ordering is easy and delivery fast.