013. Wildwood Paper

The joys of growing slowly and enjoying the view.

From an attic room in Sheffield with a view of the treetops, Grace takes inspiration from nature and crafts a beautiful collection of stationery from her own illustrations, which adorn the shelves of gift boutiques around the world.

This is the story of Wildwood Paper, the joys of growing slowly and enjoying the view.

How I started

After graduating from Central Saint Martins with a Printed Textiles degree in 2011 I started creating cards, prints and wedding stationery alongside part time jobs, and Wildwood Paper was officially established in 2015 when I decided it was the right time to put my sole focus into it.

I stumbled into owning my business through following my passions and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I am very happy growing slowly

A team of one

Wildwood Paper is made up of me, my studio dog (who does a lot of sleeping on the job) and occasionally my very handy husband who helps with all things market/trade show set up related.


My love of nature

I’ve always loved plants and nature, ever since I can remember. I used to play outside all day every day, and would make friends with all the local insects.

20+ years on and not much has changed; nature is a constant source of inspiration for my work, and I like to start my day with a woodland walk with the dog and a big coffee in hand to really get me in the zone.


A room with a view

There is nothing better than watching the wild beauty in the seasons change every day and then sitting at my desk to draw!

Based in the attic I can see lots of trees and I often just listen to the birds, and watch them come to my window bird feeder too!

My eventual goal is to move to a beautiful garden studio, I love to be surrounded by nature.

My eventual goal is to move to a beautiful garden studio

My products

Creating cards to celebrate life’s big and small moments is something I really enjoy, and I absolutely love seeing my prints on the walls in people’s homes, it feels like such an honour!

Coming runner up in the RHS plant review artist in residence design competition last year was a nice highlight of my journey so far.

I love working with retailers in both bricks and mortar shops and online, large or small. And I am thrilled to have an ever-growing list of lovely stockists housing Wildwood Paper cards, prints and gift wrap on their shelves.

Designed with the planet in mind

I have a real focus on sustainability and all my products are packaged in eco-conscious materials, with no plastic whatsoever. It’s really important to me and that has become a core value for Wildwood Paper.

Each Wildwood Paper product is beautifully illustrated by hand, printed in the UK using ethical suppliers on FSC approved paper stocks, and packaged lovingly in eco-conscious materials from my Sheffield based studio.

I would love to be able to employ someone in the future, to be able to create a flexible job for someone would be amazing. But most of all I am very happy growing slowly and having such a wonderful and rewarding job to go to every day that supports my family.

IMAGES ©Wildwood Paper 2024

In a fast paced digital world, founder stories like Grace’s are often the most inspiring for those who are just starting out in business, because it is a reminder that the greatest business goals can simply be to do what you love each day and enjoy the view – and Grace is doing just that.

Thank you for sharing a look into your beautiful world Grace.




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